Aki Kano is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY.  For fifteen years she designed for such fashion houses as Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren, but always felt drawn to the meticulous and magical art of portraiture, where the emotional world comes to life before your very eyes.  

She experimented with oil paints and watercolors, and then one day painted the first watercolor portrait--of the most personal subject she had: her baby boy.  Since that day Aki has painted many more portraits, always guided by the quiet passion evident in her captivating work.  Her goal as a portrait artist is to reveal the pure and essential aspects of the person, and reflect in the piece her own unique understanding of the subject.

"But painting is not magical to me," Aki says.  "It's more like training, like exercise.  A lot of times it's just hard work.  Then there are moments, when it's a good painting, where I think, wow, wait--how did I do that?"